25 useful idioms with gold


English idioms can be tricky and native English speakers love to drop them into their conversations.    English idioms of “colour” are quite common and there are all kinds to express a variety of things. Here we give you a list of 25 idioms with “gold” which we believe you will find useful.

  • A golden opportunity

A chance or opportunity that is exceptionally favourable and promising.

Example: When she was offered a job at her dream company, she knew it was a golden opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

  • Golden handshake

A large sum of money or other financial benefits given to an employee upon retirement or termination, often as a special incentive or compensation

Example: After decades of service to the company, the CEO received a generous golden handshake upon retiring.

  • Golden rule

The principle of treating others as you would like to be treated; a fundamental rule of ethics and morality.

Example: The golden rule is a timeless guideline for building harmonious relationships with others.

  • Golden boy/girl

Someone who is popular and successful.

Example: The golden boy of British golf.

  • The golden Goose

A continuing source of wealth or profit that may be exhausted if it is misused.

Examples: This job is probably the nearest you’ll get to a golden goose.

  • To have a heart of gold

Someone who is very kind, compassionate, and caring.

Example: He’s a really nice bloke with a heart of gold.

  • Gold rush

A sudden and frenzied movement of people to a region where gold has been discovered, often resulting in rapid development and excitement.

Example: The news of gold being found in the remote area triggered a gold rush as people rushed there to try their luck.

  • Golden age

A period in history or a person’s life when things are at their best or most prosperous.

Example: Many historians consider the Renaissance as Europe’s golden age of art, science, and culture.

  • Pot of gold

A great reward or a valuable prize at the end of a difficult or challenging journey.

Example: After years of hard work and dedication, the athlete finally reached the pot of gold by winning an Olympic gold medal.

  • Golden touch (the Midas touch)

A special ability or talent to be successful and make everything one touches turn to gold.

Example: Ever since she started her business, she seemed to have the golden touch, turning every venture into a profitable one

  • As good as gold

Used to describe someone who is very well-behaved, obedient, and reliable.

Example: Despite being young, the child was as good as gold, always following instructions and never causing trouble.

  • Gold/golden ticket

A metaphorical ticket or invitation that grants someone access to a special opportunity, event, or experience.

Example: Winning the competition felt like a golden ticket, as it provided the winner with a chance to work with a renowned mentor.

  • Golden hour

The period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the light is soft, warm, and often considered ideal for photography.

Example: The photographer captured breathtaking landscapes during the golden hour, resulting in stunning images.

  • Golden rule of business

The fundamental principle of treating customers or clients the way you would like to be treated.

Example: The company’s success was built on the golden rule of business, prioritizing excellent customer service.

  • Silence is golden

Staying silent or not speaking can be valuable in certain situations and may prevent trouble or conflict

Example: When faced with false accusations, he remembered the saying “silence is golden” and chose not to respond to the rumours.

  • Go for gold

To strive for the highest level of achievement or success, often used in the context of competitions or goals.

Example: The team trained hard for months, determined to go for the gold in the upcoming championship

  • Gold standard

The best or most reliable standard by which to judge or measure something.

Example: This brand’s customer service is often regarded as the gold standard in the industry.

  • Gold mine

A source of great wealth or abundance, either in terms of money, information, or opportunities.

Example: The new technology has opened up a gold mine of data, providing valuable insights for businesses

  • Fool´s gold

Something that appears valuable or genuine but is actually worthless or deceptive.

Example: The offer seemed too good to be true, and it turned out to be fool’s gold – a scam.

  •  Gold brick

To avoid work or shirk responsibilities, often pretending to be busy or productive.

Example: Some employees tend to goldbrick, leaving others to pick up the slack.

  • Gold digger

A person who is primarily interested in someone’s wealth or financial status, often for personal gain rather than genuine love or affection.

Example: He suspected that the woman he was dating was a gold digger because she always seemed more interested in his expensive gifts than in him as a person

  •  Worth its weight in gold

Something that is extremely valuable and worth a lot.

Example: Her grandmother’s antique watch may not be flashy, but it’s worth its weight in gold due to its sentimental value and historical significance

  •  All that glitters is not gold

Things that appear attractive or valuable may not always be as good as they seem. Appearances can be deceiving.

Example: The new restaurant looked very fancy, but the food turned out to be disappointing. All that glitters is not gold.

  •  Strike gold

To discover something valuable or to achieve great success unexpectedly.

Example: The young entrepreneur struck gold with her innovative app, which became an overnight sensation

  •  Golden parachute

A large payment or other financial compensation guaranteed to a company executive if they should be dismissed as a result of a merger or takeover.

Example: I negotiated a large golden parachute when I came to America

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