Official Exams

LMcD Academy is an official Cambridge preparation center . That said, all our courses prepare for all the official exams such as Trinity, Aptis, Anglia, Oxford, EOI etc indicated below.  

Due to globalization, the world is constantly changing and moves quickly. Multinationals and the jobs of the future demand more and more. That’s why being ready and certified in a second language is the key to success.

Personalized Training

Personalized classes based on the objectives related to achieving a correct preparation of the different Official Exams


Taking into account the objective of preparing the different tests of each of the Official Exams, the academy and its teachers plan and prepare the development of the classes.

Online official exam preparation courses

The official exam preparation courses will allow you to know how the exams work, learn strategies for each of the tasks and practice the tests that make up the exam

They are for all levels, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. If you don’t know your level you can take a free level test on the Cambridge website.

Below, you can find more information about each of the English certifications.

All of them are valid for the bilingual bag of the oppositions and to obtain the university degree. (LanguageCert is not yet recognized in all the autonomous communities until they update the official list).

Click on the one that interests you for more information!