Kids and Teens

LMcD Academy is a 100% online academy , maintaining the virtues of a face-to-face academy. Your child will learn English in a relaxed and friendly environment, with a  native English teacher  specializing in working with young people. 

The emphasis is placed on speaking and listening skills, while basic grammar is learned intuitively. More advanced vocabulary is progressively introduced, based on age-appropriate teaching materials and games. Reading and writing exercises are added to the course according to the age and level of the young person. You will be surprised how quickly, with the support and encouragement of the English teacher, your child will be able to carry on a simple conversation in English and understand short stories.

All classes are planned and designed according to the specific needs of the students. The best option for Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate students. Our teachers are available to help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter, including homework.

Why it is important for young people to learn English or a second language

We will never tire of highlighting how important it is for young people to learn a second language. Let us bear in mind that  young people learn almost without realizing it, their brains are still forming and the neurons are capable of organizing themselves to facilitate learning, not only of this new language , but of future languages .   

We must also remember that learning a language improves their intelligence, makes it easier for them to understand the complexity of a world where each country has its own language, customs and culture, which makes them more understanding and flexible, that is, it improves their sociability.

Take advantage of learning English from home

Tailor-made online English training

Each class is individually planned and adapted to specific situations of your day to day by your teacher

One-to-One classes

Individual classes 1 student with 1 teacher.

Classes in Mini groups

Classes have a maximum of 6 students.

Fewer students mean more participation time per student in an almost natural way.

Games, videos and other techniques to have fun learning

Official exams

Improve communication skills in specific situations in everyday life, specific topics.

Test preparation specialists including:

Communicative and dynamic classes

Our online English courses are the fastest and most effective way to improve your language skills.

In the  English courses for teenagers we aim to encourage class participation and maintain the student’s interest in learning and improving their command of the language. That’s why at the academy we work hard to make the classes fun and creative.

Highly communicative classes where students with a more advanced level can get involved in real life situations, comment on current events, conduct interviews, talk about their interests and give presentations on different topics.


We guide students to obtain and official English Exam Certificate, we is proof that learning has been carried out in all language skills and opens doors for young people on their way to professional life. And future full of possibilities.

Students  will have the opportunity to prepare for the official Cambridge exams: KET (A2), PET (B1), B2-First and CAE (C1).

From 12 years

They will develop their autonomy and responsibility, indirectly they are consolidating vocabulary, expressions and learned structures. They will improve their English fluency as a result of dialogue between teacher/student or classmates

Classes Fun, Native & Creative

Our approach is the same as in face-to-face classes: fun, interactive, native and creative!

We learn by playing, talking and as always, with a qualified, experience, native teacher.

We work with a weekly theme that will guide us through fun games and activities to teach young people all the vocabulary and grammar they need to learn.

Their classes are so much fun that they learn without realizing it!