If you are looking for the ideal course, the Mini-Group English course is the closest thing to perfection! This solution combines the element of   classroom interaction with a level of individual attention and support that is second only to  One to One classes.

English in Mini-Group makes you feel at ease immediately, you will know your classmates in a matter of minutes and you will be ready to communicate, interact and work in a team to improve your language level, fluency and language communication skills in a wide variety of fields.

The mini group of 6 students allows you to receive a level of individual attention much higher than that of a group of 12 or more people.

During the Mini Group English course, you will develop the four key areas of linguistic communication: comprehension, reading, writing and oral expression. You will be involved in classes with high participation, in a smaller class you will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, stronger relationships and enviable interaction.

Smaller classes allow   teachers to “customize” the program, according to the specific needs and personal background of the students. Your confidence will increase in no time, thanks to the increased opportunities for interaction with your classmates and your teacher.

All groups are small and homogeneous in level, so that our students receive personalized attention and the group progresses steadily.

The advantages of our online group English classes are that you can choose the assistance and schedules.

We offer you a range of classes including: general English courses, for children, adults and university, for companies as well as conversation – only or preparation for official exams classes.  

With our online group English courses your English level will improve in record time.

Learn English wherever you are, without having to travel. Our courses are the closest thing to face-to -face classes.

Advantages of studying English in a group

Personalization of learning 

As our teachers are native speakers, the whole class, from the moment they enter until they leave, will listen and speak only in English. With a larger group of students, they would surely become “clicks”, the thread of the explanations may be lost…

Small groups allow a more personalized learning for the student. You better understand your objectives while improving your level, know what your weaknesses are when studying or in what areas you excel.

More peer interaction

Do you want to learn English quickly?  Throw yourself into speaking as much as possible, make mistakes, listen to other students and pay attention to the intonation and pronunciation of your native teachers. To prioritize “speaking” and “listening” in an English class and for its results to be effective, it is best done in small groups.

Students can interact with each other comfortably, as a constant “round table”. Doubts are raised in the group and the corrections of a classmate are interesting for the rest of the students.

Promotes confidence and poise

We have learnt that many students fear facing the oral part of the Cambridge exam. Few people like to speak in public (in whatever language), but logically in a language that you do not dominate 100% generates insecurity.

If you attend English class in small groups you will become more at ease when speaking. And all this will improve your confidence and be reflected in your learning.

Groups with a similar level of English

One of the mistakes some academies is that there are many students in the same class do not have the same level, it is uneven. Learning a language is not like learning to do a square root, each student has different knowledge and a different vocabulary. And although the sum of all of them is “one level” (B1, B2, C1…), in the end they are different levels.

A small group allows teachers to work with students in a more individualized way. It is also easier to group students who have more or less similar control of the language, so that their learning goes hand in hand without being too fast for some or too slow for others.