Business & Companies

We specialize in creating custom English courses for the specific needs of your workforce. Working with you to understand the needs of your teams and clients, we can design a course to ensure your staff have the language skills they need to communicate seamlessly with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

The key to our success is based on a commitment to excellence and the ability to adapt to your needs.

  1. Native and qualified teachers with extensive teaching and business experience.
  2. Highly personalized content and objectives for each course.
  3. IN COMPANY (Málaga) at your offices to teach the class without your workers having leave your building
  5. Online self-study courses and mixed courses (self-study and live with your teacher)
  6. Live personalized individual classes.

Conversation and Level Up

Classes aimed at working on oral fluency, comprehension, pronunciation and specific vocabulary according to the work environment that the student performs.


Teachers with extensive experience in the application of techniques to improve and refine the level of English oriented to work environments.


How are the classes?


The classes are aimed at professionals with an intermediate – advanced level who wish to improve their command of English in a work, technical or commercial context.


Techniques focused on job search, curriculum development and attendance at job interviews. These Business English classes can focus on improving the language in the field of auditing, consulting, law or any professional area, medicine, engineering…

Some of the topics covered in these business English classes are the following:


  • Communication skills in the workplace
  • Writing documents and letters in English
  • Telephone conversations and emails in the professional field
  • Work meetings and conversation about financial news
  • Negotiations and presentations
  • Description of graphs and statistics
  • Commercial, business or technical vocabulary (engineering, chemistry, law, medicine…)
  • Management and administration of companies
  • Conversation-based methodologies to improve oral fluency, comprehension and pronunciation
  • Dynamic classes aimed at improving the communication skills of our students
  • CV development
  • job application
  • Job interviews

English for business , or Business English, is considered as a separate branch within the study of the English language. This is because it uses  specialized vocabulary and jargon.

In order to successfully develop a career in an international environment, it is not only necessary to have a good level of general English, but also to have an in-depth knowledge of the particularities of English for business. 

It is important to master both written and oral communication, since we will have to be able to write and answer letters and emails, make and answer phone calls, attend meetings, give presentations, etc.

Some of the companies we have worked with