One to One

Interested in private classes? Learning with an expert native teacher in a personalized environment allows you to achieve the most amount of success in the least amount of time.

Start your language learning journey today!

Individual classes are the best way to rapidly develop your level and language skills. Your classes will be specifically designed to suit your individual needs, goals and interests so that you get the most out of your experience.

Our teachers design the content of the program based on the student’s objectives. That is why these private classes can focus on preparing for official exams, on improving the spoken part of the language in general, or more specifically on preparing presentations, interviews or negotiations in English.

Communicative and dynamic classes

Our online English courses are the fastest and most effective way to improve your language skills.

Highly communicative classes where students with a more advanced level can get involved in real life situations, comment on current events, conduct interviews, talk about their interests and give presentations on different topics.

We use a wide range of materials, including digital coursebook content, authentic texts, online articles and reviews, videos, and quizzes.
Classes will focus on areas such as conversation, grammar, reading and writing skills, or pronunciation

If you have a special project or an area you want to work on like perfecting a presentation, preparing for an exam or writing an email we can help too.

Take advantage of learning English from home

Direct online with your teacher

Each class is individually planned and adapted by your teacher to specific situations in your daily life.

The teacher will assist you in real time through the online platform, using the same the teaching methodology as in face-to-face classes.

The instructor will go at your place

Remember that they are private classes, the student and the teacher are interacting to advance in the best possible way. And if a topic has to be repeated, it is repeated, and all the questions and doubts that arise are resolved with the teacher in order to deepen and improve the level of English. This direct relationship is what makes effective and fast learning possible.

Advantages of classes with native speakers

Online English classes with native speakers will help you fromOnline English classes with native speakers will help you from
the first class to find yourself immersed in this language.

You will practice your English from the first moment to lose the initial fear of speaking.

You will be in a comfortable place finally learning the language you want.

Better and more natural pronunciation.

Expand vocabulary and expressions.

Greater understanding of the use of grammar.

Get a better understanding of the culture.

Better understanding of the context.

Official exams

Improve communication skills in specific situations in everyday life, specific topics.

Exam preparation specialists including: