English for adults

Want to learn real English in a truly authentic way, then you’ve come to the right place! Improve quickly. Our classes are immersive and adapted to you – by taking weekly lessons you will quickly become a confident English speaker.

The circumstances that we have had to live in recent times are causing a change in many aspects of our lives. One of them is in the way of receiving language classes, however, we already had experience in teaching languages online and we are offering a variety of programs: 

Benefits of speaking English

Access knowledge that is only available in English Stand out from other professionals Enjoy movies, music and literature in the language Travel without limits and with peace of mind Get a promotion or a better job Opportunity to study and work abroad Find a job faster and with better salaries Expand your network of professional contacts Establish commercial relationships at an international level Start a business in foreign marketsExploit other areas of your professional field the world will be open to you!

the world will be open to you!

General English

Learn the language you need to know to be able to speak more fluently in a wide variety of everyday situations, whether for leisure, study or business.

Develop your oral fluency, pronunciation and increase your confidence through collaborative and communicative activities.

Learn to speak more confidently and communicate more clearly. Have fun discussing interesting topics and material!
Your teacher will help you improve your speaking skills by encouraging conversation through role-play, debates and discussions.

You’ll also practice writing, reading, and listening skills, as well as grammatical accuracy, sentence structure, punctuation, effective word choice, vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

Travel English

No one likes to feel lost when traveling. Communication is key to a successful trip, but it’s not practical to learn the language of every country you visit. That is why it is important to learn the most common language in the world.

We will give you the English skills you need to travel without worries.

We’ll equip you with the skills you need to confidently perform everyday tasks like:

Technical English

Aimed at professional adults who, due to their career, must handle specific technical vocabulary in their area.

The most important skills that are necessary for those students who need to communicate successfully in all technical, theoretical and industrial specialties are covered.

 Depending on each job. workers demand specific training in terms of vocabulary and use of English.

In accordance with this demand. Our native teachers provide specific English (ESP), working on technical and theoretical vocabulary, everyday expressions, sending emails, answering the phone, etc.

Polite and Diplomatic English Classes

“Courteous and Diplomatic English” classes are a unique opportunity to learn how to convey your message diplomatically, allowing you to build strong and effective working relationships based on mutual respect.

The English language is well known for being overly polite and if your goal is to become part of that culture, it is very important to practice making basic statements and requests in a less direct way.

The biggest challenge for many non-native speakers is how to sound diplomatic when communicating in English. Is it a cultural thing or can non-native speakers learn to be diplomatic?

The good news is that there are specific techniques that will allow you to get a much more successful response from native speakers than you might have had before.

We’ll share with you key tips that you can easily apply during your conversations. Practice English conversations online and watch your confidence grow as you become more fluent.

Preparation for official exams

As an official Cambridge preparation centre and we prepare for all exams


We specialize in the preparation of all official exams: Trinity, Oxford, Aptis, EOI, TELC etc.

100% pass rate.

We prepare all levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

Mock exams – minimum two each quarter

This type of training is specially formulated for people who wish to obtain an official certificate We also prepare for: