Our experience in teaching English allows us to confirm that the benefits of attending classes with small groups of students are countless. All the classes we teach are given with an emphasis on spoken English and will help you increase your vocabulary and fluency to communicate. Each class will be based on specific topics for your level.

On many occasions, what we need is not a formal learning of the language, but to defend ourselves in specific situations. It is quite common to have high grammatical knowledge, and not feel comfortable when facing a situation in which we have to speak in English. Both at  work  and in leisure situations, we are often limited by not knowing how to apply that knowledge when speaking a language.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to know how to communicate and to be able to do it, for example, when you travel around the world or meet new people from other countries. Think about everything you may miss when you don’t know how to express yourself in the language or you are embarrassed to do it wrong.

We provide you with class to reach the level you need! 

Advantages of English conversation classes  

Cursos de conversación Online

Talk about business or personal topics, while improving your speaking skills, expanding your vocabulary, and receive important feedback on your grammar and pronunciation.

Individual classes or small groups for young people, adolescents, university students, adults or companies – all levels.

improve spoken expression, debate and persuade, improve your ability to speak eloquently on different topics.

Clases de conversación individual

Many students feel that they learn best in a one-on-one class. Well, we are ready to facilitate this giving the individual faster results.

Full attention – Whether you’re preparing for an English test or a big presentation at work, studying with private classes is a surefire way to quickly identify your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths, and as you focus on your own needs, you progress even faster.

Learning  You can see the teacher live. This extra visual dimension isn’t just for fun – it’s also the key to helping you improve your pronunciation. Seeing, not just hearing, exactly how the teacher forms the words, you can imitate the movements of their mouth and practice until it sounds the same.

Tailor-made coaching

Each class is individually designed and tailored to your wishes. Instead of working with standard material, you work with documents and situations relevant to your company. Recommended for business people who have to master specific business situations very quickly, eg secure negotiations or interviews with employees and job candidates. 

Coaching for specific objectivess

Our tailor-made courses are unique and fully adapt to your needs:

Group Conversation Classes

Our conversation classes are dynamic, and are taught in real time. Speak freely and make the most of the teachers’ knowledge.

Each class deals with a new topic which allowed the students to communicated on that subject. You are guided during the lesson; your mistakes are corrected and you are given very useful tips on how to improve.

Intimate and organized – Classes are large enough to allow for interesting conversations. They are also small enough for students to talk for as long as they want. 

Conversation for University Students, Adults, Professionals

We adapt our method to support students in the particular demands of each university.

Teachers specialized in the native English language in the health, social, legal, economic and engineering sectors.

Application of techniques and dynamics depending on the age of the students


From 12 years of age  

Classes aimed at improving and perfecting the ability of young people to communicate in English naturally, achieving a bilingual level in the use of the second language acquired in these stages.

The classes are oriented to prepare students to take official exams and obtain certificates in English that demonstrate their command of the language and facilitate a future incorporation into the labour market.