About us

Welcome to LMcD Academy, an online academy, maintaining the virtues of a face-to-face academy, made up of a team of professional native/bilingual expert teachers with extensive experience at all levels as well as some of them being official examiners, which guarantees effective language learning and improvement while prioritizing the needs of the student.

At LMcD Academy our objective is to assist our students achieve their goals by offering diverse, interactive, and entertaining classes. T hanks to our personalized attention, dedication and, above all, our passion and desire to share culture and knowledge, we are proud to say that since 2015 our students have achieved a high-level pass rate of 98% in all official exams.

At LMcD Academy we firmly believe that the most important thing in learning a language is being able to speak and understand it, but without ever forgetting the importance of grammar. To ensure that students learn to speak the language well, our classes are in English from the beginning.

Our aim  is to create a positive learning environment in class, build good relationships with students, and above all, ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable!

We want to make sure that students realize the importance of using a language in real situations.  Languages ​​are not just a school subject or a certificate; they should be used to empower and unite us.

About Us

Our founder comes from a business background, having worked for companies in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain before creating Homestay Málaga in 2008, offering English courses where students live with their teacher and family learning English. without interruptions or distractions. 

In 2012, the LMcD Academy was founded in a small town in Spain and has been running successfully ever since.  In addition to working as a teacher, they quickly became an official examiner for Cambridge, followed shortly by Anglia Examinations and TELC. And lastly, an ESL teacher trainer.

Based on personal learning experiences, particularly languages, we implemented what we liked about them, thus creating fun and entertaining classes in a friendly, safe and open environment.

Realizing the imperfections of the Spanish teaching system, we have been encouraged to create our own method to make learning English fun and easy for everyone. It was not just about the language itself, but about building the student’s confidence by continually adapting the classes to their needs.

At the beginning there was only one teacher, however, when carrying out the training of new teachers, two other teachers soon joined, which encouraged the growth of the academy, offering private classes at home, 1-to-1 and increasing the number of In-Company classes. 

In 2017 our founder accepted a position as an English teacher in Business English and Introduction to Business & Marketing, at ESIC Business & Marketing School , Malaga, where they continue to teach.

It was at this point that we wanted to do more, thereby creating an online presence by offering online classes.  Specializing in exam preparation, business and conversational English, CV creation and interview techniques and more. The teachers maintain the practical and close approach in the online classes as well as in a face-to-face academy. We have been advancing and diversifying within the sector offering high quality and adapting to changes in the market and demand.

Our method

We teach our classes using the Communicative Method, with a particular focus on speaking and listening skills. This means that you will learn English by communicating with real people in real time, in a way that reflects how people communicate on a daily basis.

We achieve this thanks to the high degree of participation of our students, since we work with small groups of 6-8 people maximum or 1 to 1 private classes.

This is the only way to achieve total immersion in the language and thus develop our method, rooted in teacher/student interaction. The classes taught in an entertaining and creative way provoke in our students the motivation and the desire to continue learning.

To do this, we ensure that our classes are focused on the specific needs of each student by creating and selecting the materials to ensure that each student achieves their individual goals.

""Language is not just words. It's a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community, a whole history that creates what a community is. It's all embodied in a language."".


"It is important for us to make students excited to come to class every day, because what we learn with pleasure we never forget."


Learning a new language is becoming a member of a club – the community of speakers of the language”